something about me.

to anyone reading this, 

thankyou so much for taking the moment, whether it be five seconds or five minutes, to merely notice my work.   In a way, though art has always taken home in my soul, a mechanism, a way of living for myself, it is the continuing support and love from all that gives me a moment to be proud of myself. And for that, I am eternally greateful.

In case you are interested, I like to consider myself as all things artsy and groovy. When I say art is my homie, it literaly is, my homie. During my last 20 years as a wannbe artist, I have been lucky enough to have my work displayed in shows such as the SACE Art Show, Two Bit Villians and, in various publications such as VERSE Magazine for the University of South Australia. I also love to take part and immerse myself in local markets such as the Creative Lifestyle and Gilles at the Grounds Markets.

Though I spent years working in charcoal and watercolour to name a few, at the moment, the style you see now (continuous line and oil/acrylic painting), is where my heart is at. Yes, I am sure this will change, but for the mean time, the excitment at the start of a piece of work, not knowing how it will turn out, is enough.


Once again, thankyou, so, so much

- Sarah